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Website Design 101

Web design involves blending ideas into an eye-catching website. This may seem simple, but it encompasses technical skills such as graphic design, authoring, interface design and search engine optimization. You may be interested in creating a website, or looking for ways to improve your site. These are interesting facts you need to know.

Your website design influences where users will focus on

A great website design is one which has a scan able and clear layout. This is because users are always in search of specific information; the quicker they find what they’re looking for, the better your website will be. Using heat maps and analytic tools in your web design will enable you to know which buttons and links are accessible and improve on them.

Using template can be restrictive

Models are useful because they allow people with little or no coding knowledge to create a website. However, examples include bloated code and unnecessary design elements. This means that use of the models will make it difficult to bring changes on your site.

Using videos and images on your website can have a positive or negative impact.

There is no doubt that pictures and videos are high since they increase your website performance. However, media will also slow down the loading time of the site if they are too large. When using a video or an image always make sure that you optimize the media for your website.


Web design process should cater for a site’s future needs

While creating a website, it’s important to consider future needs. This strategy means that you have to develop your site such that it’s possible to make various changes as time continues. For instance, at some point in time, you may wish to include widgets or plugging, your website should be flexible enough to allow you to do so.

Final thoughts:

Web design is a tedious process since it requires various technical skills. However, a great web design is an inevitable element of your website success.